No Magic

by Matt Bedrosian

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released March 20, 2014

Aimee Dockum - Cello on 1, 3
Brendan Lai-Tong - Trombone on 7
Chesea Graves - Violin on 1, 2, 3; Vocals on 3
Evelyn Fey - Glockenspiel on 2; Vocals on 2, 3
Gary Anderson - Trombone on 1, 3, 4
Jason Cruz - Flugelhorn on 1; Trumpet on 3
Joey Vannucchi - Vocals on 1, 8
Red Wilson - Vocals on 1, 5
Vessna Scheff - Vocals on 6, 7, 9



all rights reserved


Matt Bedrosian Oakland, California

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Track Name: There Is A Blue
there is a blue that spills
from the sea and sky
and collects behind your eyes
and it colored in the gray of night

when you spilled your guts
and you lost your breath
and you lived too much

there is a blue that spills
from the sea and sky
and i'm soaked, my clothes
they once were white
in vain i swore as i scrubbed my stains

and i missed the point
that you burst through me
and i was made anew
a shade of blue
Track Name: No Magic
the seconds in your veins
are speeding up
'cause the blood inside your brain
is not enough
the city runs on speed
so hurry up
and if you can't feel your feet
you're just in love

will you wake in the night?
does the day make you hide?
no magic, there's no use getting high
will it prove to be right?

to exchange your fire
for the lights in the sky
to exchange your smile
for the night
to exchange your fire
for the lights in the sky
to replace your mind
with the night
Track Name: The First Time
gray over the city, the first time
stuck inside, a wine stained stomach
a headache and an unfulfilled stride
and you even called me up for the sunrise

you called me in the morning
and i went back to sleep
oh sleep

saw her naked in the kitchen the first time
stomach stained with wine
she didn't mind, the fault was mine
i've been a quiet one for a time
i've been a quiet one for quite some time

though i'm yelling through the line
"i want again to close my eyes"

wait through the rain
i'll go to the same place
painted all the same gray
for a quite lovelier face

other ones acting other scenes
share disease and privacy
but all my want a simple thing
to share your bed with you

to share your bed with you
is so comfortable
Track Name: Atlantis
new light, a silent tide
slick on the streets
cold nights
the ocean snuffed the fire
and soaked the trees

my whole heart
a stormy sea
another world asleep inside of me

past lives, entirely expired
drowned and forgot
old fires are burning in my mind
are burning up my mind
Track Name: Unfamiliar Sounds
they sneak through my house
dirty sounds in silent steps
though i am alone i don't know my mind
from that snowy voice

give me what's mine
all i want, every dissonant thought
what is that roar?
static where silence once was

they speak through my mouth
unfamiliar sounds
and out through my eyes shines a different light
though i am alone, i don't know my mind
what words are my own?
i don't know, i don't
Track Name: Not So Far
hiding from your mother in your new house
not so far, but closer to the ground
and the wind blows a little louder now
something you needed

finding how i love you in a new town
not so far, but the difference is profound
and the earth shakes a little stronger now
it's something i needed

and i see you when i picture my face
all in lines drawn apart from the days
you still want to be young
but i think we might all stay a certain age
Track Name: To Touch You
wait, what did it mean?
were you practicing or playing
sticking to the sheets
in my sweaty nervous sleep
please don't play, don't watch me run behind
as you find your love
or keep in close
just to keep yourself kind

'round my ribs, your arm, i smiled for days, i laughed a whole life
even then, in heavy times, you floated light in my mind
and yeah, i needed you but hope it didn't burden or strain
but i expect there are no wrongs when things are meant to be explained

so i don't know exactly that i'd like to touch you
but somehow in some way i know that i love you
Track Name: Wasting Time
by this time, you're tumbling
your feet have left the ground
the tangled mess you're mumbling
don't make a sound

i found you wasting time
and while i was waiting outside
the freeway was painting the sky
i watched in wonder

and by this time, i'm wondering who let me down
you're asleep and innocent, dreaming on the couch
and by this time the sun is up, insisting on the day
the cars fill up the interstate, there is no time to waste

i found you wasting time
and while you were saying goodbyes
a freeway of faces passed by
i watched in wonder
Track Name: Heavy Face
i wanted to find you, see you again
on your own side of the ocean
to draw deep all the air
like i mimicked your movements
in different times, with a dissonant mind
what i found there was elusive
picked up with a pace quick and heavy face
it was so loud in my heartache

"you should see the city, take some time to read the maps
why would you even come here? it's confusing how you act"

'cause we don't see things the same
i watched the water fall and you braved the rain
"to spend the day this way is such a shame"
well it might have been plain, but i was smiling